Wednesday, August 24, 2016

...and then there were 3...

 I didn't get the best pictures this morning....lots of rain and darkness!  BUT, that didn't dampen the excitement and anticipation that filled their little hearts from the moment they woke up.  Not to say that there wasn't a smidge of nervousness mixed in (mostly in me & the Kinder kiddo), but everyone is ready, prepared, and eager for a new year.  But I am going to miss our days together so much!

Back-to-School Breakfast!

 Ummmmm...who are these BIG kids and what did they do with my BABIES??? 

After the big kids were off for the day, Little Miss and I headed to Trader Joe's for mimosas (me!) and chocolate (us both!). She loves pushing the cart. ;)

Waiting for the bus to bring the bigs home!  Love this picture of Norah.

 They all had a great day!  They were all chatty about what they did and who they say and how great their teachers are.  I'm so thankful.


 And...traditional after-the-1st-day-of-school trip to Delnor Woods with friends!


 3rd installment of this exact picture. :)

Last year's, and the year before's...


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