Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Phone Photo Dump 43

 Warming up her footsies after playing out in the snow!  (Rest assured, her feet aren't touching the metal as it looks like they are in this pic!)

 Norah thought that Baby P needed to learn his letters!

 I just love seeing my kids love on P.  The compassion and care and patience they have been displaying are incredible.  

Shane loves him.  He loves to make him giggle and always wants to be near him.  Melt. My. Heart.
Caleb is such a huge help.  P does NOT like car rides, and Caleb is such a trooper....helping to soothe him, putting his paci back in, etc.
Norah reading him Bible stories.
 Valentines for the teachers/staff...

 Norah helping with Valentines assembly...

 This girl FINALLY lost that's been wiggly since Christmas! The adult tooth had already begun to come in, so I am so relieved the baby one came out!

Distributing his cards...

 Sleepy kiddos after a long day in the city visiting P's momma.

 Shane experiencing FunDip for the first time and Norah telling him about her "timer" (bracelet).



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