Monday, February 8, 2016

Phone Photo Dump 42

 Such a big girl!  On the left, with her backpack after Tuesday morning class at church. On the right, at Target with her reward from Grandma for being potty-trained!

Our big baby girl taking care of sweet little P.

 Norah and Shane with a friend....

 These 2 LOVE pattern blocks!

 The bunny right outside the library is always a must-see. :)

 Shane's groundhog (foot print) at preschool...

 Some more reading practice (a video too)!

 With our little addition, everyone's sleeping arrangements keep changing.   Sometimes I think we are CRAZY for hosting other children when our not-so-huge house already seems bursting at the seams.  And I am sure others might think we are crazy, too. ;)  But then I remember that how much space we have (or don't have) is NOT the point.  I'm learning more and more about Biblical hospitality....and how it has very little to do with how big and fancy things are, but how welcoming and humble we are.  I hope and pray that every person that comes into our house (big or small) feels welcome and safe.

One night, Meredith and Caleb were dying to have a sleepover in Caleb's room, so we let them!  I loved hearing all the giggles. 

 Working on our Valentines!

 Our tiny baller (#14)...


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