Thursday, February 7, 2013

Unit Theme: Biomes

 This week, we continued our study of the continents & ocean from last week by learning about additional biomes of the world.  Because we talked about the oceans last week, and elements of the tundra during our Polar unit, this week we focused just on grasslands/savannah, deserts, and rainforests.  The only biome we haven't looked at much yet is forests.

Throughout the week, Caleb worked on this map which shows all of the biomes we have learned about, and in which parts of the world they are.

African Savannah 

We didn't focus as much on grasslands as we did on the African Savannah.  Both kids looooove learning about the animals that roam the Savannah, and both have decided that Africa is their favorite continent. 

We of course had to talk about who eats who/what on the Savannah.

They had fun painting these African animals...

Caleb painted a cheetah (his favorite animal) and a zebra.

 Shaner Bug painted this giraffe.

And Meredith also did a zebra.


The kiddos colored a picture (drawn by me - no laughs, please) of the rainforest.  We then cut their rainforests to show the 4 different sections of a rainforest (emergents, canopy, understory and forest floor).  I cut Meredith's into the 4 sections and she had to piece them back together like a puzzle.  I drew lines on Caleb's and he cut his out himself before piecing it back together.  He also added labels for each section of forest.

They then colored and pieced together these red-eyed tree frogs.  Aren't they cute?!  (Go here for the template.)


This was a fun craft!  Glitter glued on for sand and rice glued on to the cacti made it a great sensory activity for the kids.  They also loved looking at all the desert animals and picking out some to glue onto their scene.

To conclude the unit, Caleb made a mini-book.  For each page, he colored a picture that represented one of the biomes.


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