Monday, February 4, 2013

Snow Much Fun!

Yesterday, we went to my parents' to watch the Superbowl game.  We packed the kids' gear, and they had a great afternoon playing out in the snow.

Caleb & Shane loved shoveling, and spent most of the time doing that...


Meredith loved going down the slide...

 ...but soon realized that going down the hill in the front yard would be much more fun!

 Walking back up the hill is never fun (especially when one of your mittens has fallen off!), but it has to be done.

The boys eventually did some sledding as well, but I was inside feeding Norah so I didn't get any pictures.

 Of course, we had to warm up with some hot chocolate afterwards.  These kids are some silly hot chocolate drinkers!

Throughout the day, Norah did some of this...

 ...and a lot of this.  She loves Daddy snuggles (don't we all?).

Today, we went out again, at our house.  The boys got serious about shoveling again...

 ...and Meredith had fun crawling through the tunnels that Mommy dug out for them.


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