Saturday, March 17, 2012

Philippines Part 2: Tagaytay

After spending a few days in Manila, we went with Paul and Jenny (and their kids) to Tagaytay.  Tagaytay is about 2 hours outside of Manila, and is up in the mountains (read: cooler temps!).  It was beautiful.

On our way up, we stopped at a roadside fruit stand.

We picked up some coconuts.

Amazing views!

This is the driving range for one of the golf courses there...see the distance markers down there?

 How cool is this? I am not a golfer, but if I was, driving off (is that even the right term?) the ridge of a mountain would be super great.

Taal the middle of Taal Lake...Kris' middle school outdoor education class actually camped out at the base of this volcano.

Beautiful flowers...

I just had to take this next picture.  Fish is a very common menu item for all meals.  And most times, the fish is not fileted as I am used to.  The fish is presented looking just like, well, a fish.  Scales and all.

 If you guessed that this is a picture of the little fishy's eyeball, you would be correct.  (This was Kris' lunch, by the way....I love fish, but wasn't ever able to get past the whole bones and scales and eyeballs thing.)

Out to dinner with Paul & Jenny (no fishy eyeballs this time)...

Lunch the next day.  Yes, this was definitely another first (it's a goat).

Tomorrow's lunch?

Driving back to Manila...I just thought this was fun.  Not something we see in the suburbs of Chicago!

Next up:  Philippines Part 3: Davao

(Click here for Part 1: Manila)

Apparently I am still jet-lagged and a little "off", as it is well past midnight and I should be sleeping.........


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