Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lowercase Letters of the Week - yz

Meredith finished up her "letter projects" this morning.  She has really loved doing these projects and I have very much enjoyed going through them with her!  These activities have helped her learn to identify the lowercase alphabet as well as practice the phonetic sounds of each letter.  They've given her opportunities to play with paper & glue & stickers & other crafty materials.  Oh, and perhaps the most important result of these projects - she has discovered her love for googly eyes! =)

y is for yellow!

z is for zebra!

 I'm planning to put together a photo book (Kodak or Shutterfly or something) with all of the digital images of her projects, just as I did last year with Caleb's Uppercase ABC projects.

To see all of her (and Caleb's) letter-of-the-week projects, click here


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