Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Water and the Trees

This morning, we drove by some water fountains.  Meredith said, "water!"....then, after a few moments, she exclaimed, "God made water!"

Later today, after her nap, I opened up her curtains and blinds, and she noticed the trees outside her windows.  I said "aren't the trees so beautiful?"  And she replied, "God made trees!"

As a Christian mom, I am constantly talking to my kids about God.  His creation.  His character.  His ways.  His love for us.  While we set aside times to pray and read the children's Bible to the kids, I want them to know and trust that God is everywhere, all the time.  Not just when we pray to Him or read His Word....while those disciplines are obviously very good things, there is so much more...... 

It's so encouraging to see that God is already working in the hearts of my little ones.  I see it in various ways at different times through our days together.  Meredith's exclamations today were a simple yet profound reminder to me that even at the age of just-barely-two, a child's heart is soft to the presence of God.  

What a great privilege it is to have been entrusted with these children.  I pray that the ways in which I teach them, train them, and love them always reflect our Creator and that as we go throughout our days, we acknowledge Him in all things, even if it's simply by remembering that He made the water and the trees.

Genesis 1:1 - "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."
(Click here to see a video of Caleb reciting this verse last Fall.)


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