Sunday, September 25, 2011


 Tonight, we went on a "leaf hunt"....we walked/rode bikes up and down our street in search of leaves.  Caleb and Meredith both loved grabbing handfuls of the crunchy leaves and then stuffing them into their big ziplock bags.  This week, I plan to do some activities with the leaves we found...we'll hopefully be able to identify them and the trees they fell from, and make some good old leaf print colorings.  Oh, and Caleb has requested to make a "leaf wreath", so hopefully we can work that in as well!

After our "hunt", the kids found great joy in playing with the very tiny yellow leaves that had covered our driveway.....there are not even that many of them, but they loved gathering them, tossing them into the air, sweeping them, and throwing them on Mommy. 


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