Sunday, September 4, 2011

Golf Lessons

 Golf is by far Caleb's favorite sport (at this point, anyway!), so he was super excited that we signed him up for golf lessons at a "real" golf course (as opposed to a mini-golf course).  

Kris took him for his first lesson this past Friday...he did a great job.  He listened well to his coach, and learned some new things.  And, Daddy bought him an ice cream cone afterward.  Golf and ice doesn't get much better than that for our little guy!

Here's our little golfer, all ready to go!

And, here are a few shots that Kris snapped during part of the lesson...his coach is an Australian golf pro!


I'm sure we'll post more photos from his remaining lessons....on the last day, they actually golf a full 9 hole course.  So fun!


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