Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lollipop Cookies

The kids (and I) had a lot of fun making these "Lollipop Cookies" today. I actually made the cookie dough last night, so it was ready to be rolled and twirled and baked today. We got this idea from the Entrusted With a Child's Heart blog (she calls them "Playdoh Lollipops", we have been calling them "Lollipop Cookies"). Whatever you call them, I definitely recommend making them with your kiddos! Click here for the recipe/directions.

Meredith tried to bounce the balls of dough. =)

Smooshing the colors together...

Rolling out the dough...

Meredith's idea of rolling the dough was to literally roll it across the table. She had a great time with this part!

The nice thing about sugar cookie dough is that when it breaks, you can just squish it back together and start over!

Very focused...the "twirling" was Caleb's favorite part...

This is what Meredith did when I told her to twirl it. Not bad. =)

Time to plug the sticks in!

Ready to go into the oven!

Watching them bake. Thrilling.



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