Thursday, May 13, 2010

Driveway Art

Lately, Caleb has been more intentional in his drawing efforts. As opposed to just scribbling, he often has specific things in mind when he draws....some of his favorite things to draw are ovals, circles, lines, and airplanes. Granted, these do not always look exactly textbook, but it is so fun to see him working hard to create something! And, you can be sure that we praise him for his efforts as if his works of art were as "good" as those of a professional artist.

Anyway, he loves to draw with sidewalk chalk. Here are a few examples of his latest driveway art:

He made about 10 moons. Here's 1 of them.

And, we have been working on writing the letters of his name.

He is pretty good at making a "C"....he made a bunch of these all over the driveway as well.

This was a bit tricky, but once I told him where to draw the lines, he did pretty well!

He got a little scribble crazy after making his "L"...can you see the "L" in the midst of the scribbles?

We'll work on the "E" and "B" another day...=)


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