Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Half a Year!

Meredith is 6 months old today! Wow! I'll skip the part where I babble on about how quickly this past month flew, and go right to sharing a few fun facts about our 6 month old!

* Meredith is so much fun! She loves loves loves to play. She laughs a ton, and it doesn't take much to get her giggling up a storm. You know, except when she isn't happy. And, when she isn't happy, she really isn't happy. =)

* She continues to sleep well...11.5-12 hours straight at night; 2 long naps during the day, and sometimes a short 3rd nap, depending on how she is doing in the evening.

* She has eaten various fruits and veggies; bananas and sweet potatoes are her favorites.

* While she doesn't seem to be close to scooting/crawling (and that is fine with me!), she is getting stronger by the day! She likes to be on her belly (that is, until she spits up and gets it all over her face), and gets lots of exercise from pushing her chest off the ground with her outstretched arms.

*Speaking of spit-up...those of you who know Meredith know that she has been quite the "spitter"...thankfully, this is getting much better!

*She is such a cuddle-bug. She loves to give "hugs". If you are lucky enough to be the recipient of one of her hugs, be prepared for her to squeeze your neck and bury her cute face into yours.

*She of course loves to put everything in her, toes, my hair.

*She is our little "social butterfly" and definitely enjoys people!

To celebrate her "half-birthday", we made a "half-cake". And, before you call the authorities on me with claims of me feeding my 6 month old cake, please trust that she will not be eating any of is for Kris, Caleb and I to enjoy. =) Okay, let's get real. Kris will probably not eat any. Caleb might take a bite before remembering that he isn't a huge fan of cake. So really, I will end up eating it. It's a good thing it is only a half of a cake!

You may think it's silly that we are even celebrating her 6 month birthday in this way. In a way, it is a bit silly. She has no clue. She can't eat cake. What's the point?

I just really want to cherish these special milestones. I know how fast they go, as my baby boy seemed to grow into a little boy overnight. And, to be honest, there was a point when I wasn't even sure that we could ever have another baby. So the fact that we do is just amazing to me.

This little gesture is just my way of recognizing my special girl's 6 month birthday.

Happy Half-Year Meredith!

P.S. We go to the doctor for her well-visit on Friday. I'll update her height and weight stats after that appointment!


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