Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Playgroup (we are now at 7 moms, 8 kids, 3 babies, and 5 babies on the way *including a set of twins*...wowsers!) today was at Pinstripes, for their Mom and Tot morning activity. This was the first time Caleb has been bowling (unless you count his Wii attempts). They definitely catered to the little ones....bumpers in the lanes, a ramp to push the ball down, and snacks!

Caleb really enjoyed his first bowling experience. He loved to see his ball knock the pins down. I was a bit worried that he might get frustrated if he didn't knock ALL the pins down (he's a bit of a perfectionist at times...hmm, wonder where he gets that from), but he seemed to be okay with it.

While he had a bit of a hard time waiting for his turn to come around, he did get better at being patient as the morning went on. Though he is still learning how to be a good friend, he very much enjoys playing with his buddies.

Oh, and he loved his bowling shoes!


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