Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun

Our Train Engineer...

Our Giraffe...

We have been busy the past 24 hours. This is a pretty long post, because I included quite a few photos...hope you enjoy!

Pumpkin Carving!!

Last night, we carved a pumpkin, which is probably a tradition that is more exciting to me than it is to Caleb....or Kris. =)

We had three pumpkins to choose from, and Caleb picked out one to carve. He enjoyed helping me draw a face on the pumpkin, and watching Daddy do the actual carving. He also liked watching Aunt Heidi scoop out the guts, but wanted no part in helping with that!

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Today, we went to a very fun party at Sofie's house! Her mom and dad did a great job of putting together a very fun party...with lots of treats and games! There were a lot of other kids there, with lots of great costumes! Caleb had soooo much fun. He played with balloons, learned some new games (like "pin the nose on the pumpkin") and took his first swings at a pinata!

A room full of balloons...doesn't get much better! (FYI: Caleb is laughing in this picture, not crying!)

Games...the kids had to drop a clothespin into the jar....Caleb actually got one in! I am not sure that I would even be able to do it....he has some skills!

The best part of this costume? Lots of pockets in which to store all of his loot from the pinata...

Our little giraffe enjoyed the party as well....

With mommy...

...and daddy...


I'm not going to lie. It was cold, Caleb was cranky, and I was disappointed with the amount of (lack of) people on our street that had their lights on ready for neighbors coming by...not that we would have gone to that many houses anyhow, because you was cold, and Caleb was cranky. Not the best experience for anyone.

Nonetheless, we braved the cold and the crankiness, and hit up a few houses for some sugar.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get a great picture of them you can probably see, Meredith is in the process of spitting up and Caleb does not like posing for pictures lately.

Meredith - October 31st, 2009 (2 1/2 months)

Caleb - October 31st, 2007 (2 months)

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