Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Art of Eating an Apple

I learned many months ago that Caleb, being the big boy that he apparently is, strongly prefers to eat an apple whole, as opposed to eating it cut-up in any way I might deem appropriate at the time (slices, cubes, quarters, etc...).

Oh yes, big boy Caleb is truly an independent apple-eater.

That is, until he gets to the seeds. When he gets to those "yuckies", he very nicely asks for assistance and can not continue on with his big-boy-apple-eating without the seeds being removed.

The Art of Eating an Apple
By: Caleb

1. Pick out apple. (Photos below show an apple from the Long Grove Apple Fest.)

2. Make sure to pay for chosen apple, should payment be necessary.

3. Have your Mommy help break the skin a bit with a first bite...but, don't let her eat too much. That is not good. The smaller the bite she takes, the more there is for you. This step is very very very important.

4. Eat. Enjoy.

5. Repeat step #4 until apple is gone.

6. Feel free to dance along to the live music while eating (sorry there is no video footage of this). This step is not necessary, but surely adds to your apple-eating experience.

Happy apple eating!
XOXO - Caleb


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