Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 Months!

Yesterday, October 10th, Meredith turned 2 months old! I can hardly believe how quickly these past two months have passed. I know everyone says that, and I personally say it all the time...but it is so true!

Our little girl is such a joyous part of our family. Her little personality has started coming through, and it appears that she might take after her mommy in a few ways. =)

She has settled in to a great little routine, and has been very kind to sleep for long stretches at night (last night, she had her longest stretch yet - 11 hours - yahoo!). She loves to be swaddled and loves her pacifier. She loves her play mat and her bouncy seat, and sometimes tolerates the swing. She loves bath time and loves to cuddle. She loves toys that rattle, and anything that makes music.

She loves Big Brother, and he loves her, too. The other day, I watched Caleb lying next to her on the floor, talking to her in a high-pitched voice, saying "you're so cute, you're just so cute" over and over again. I wish I had caught it on video, but I will just have to hope that I never forget the precious moment.

Here are some photos we took on Meredith's 2 month birthday....


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