Thursday, August 27, 2009


Aunt Heidi bought Caleb a play-doh set for his birthday.
And, this rainy morning was the perfect time to get it out and go to town.

I wasn't sure what to expect...and was a bit nervous that Caleb might try to throw the play-doh, maybe even eat the play-doh, or have no interest in it at all.

But, it was a successful endeavor. I had Caleb pick out three colors to play with (didn't want to get too ambitious just yet). He picked "bown", "puple", and "orange". We had a really fun time...we cut the play-doh, rolled the play-doh, made shapes, and smashed the play-doh. Caleb (and Mommy!) really enjoyed it....and, it took up a good chunk of the morning.

He kept asking me to roll the play-doh into a ball, so he could smash it...

Making shapes with the cookie cutters...

Cutting it up...


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