Monday, August 3, 2009

38 Weeks

Baby Girl slept through most of my NST this morning at the doctor. She is definitely quite content in there....while I am showing some very minor/preliminary signs toward labor, I have nothing too crazy to report. And, while we are very ready to meet her on the "outside", we are happy to keep her "baking" for as long as she needs.............but, any day, Baby Girl, any day. =)

While I definitely remember feeling so excited at this point in my pregnancy with Caleb, the feelings are a bit different, this time around. Now that I have actually gone through the process of delivering a baby, and know just how amazing being a Mother is, I think that I am even more eager to meet this little one. The love that I feel for Caleb is truly like no other, and I am so excited to experience that kind of love again, this side of my womb. =)

Here are 2 photos....the first was taken last Monday (37 weeks). The second was taken this morning (38 weeks).

37 weeks...

38 weeks...


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