Monday, August 17, 2009

One Week Old

I can't believe it has already been one week since Meredith was born! While I am tired, and still learning how to balance life as a mother of 2, I continue to feel so blessed. Meredith is healthy (and so far pretty happy!) and big brother Caleb is doing great with her. We have wonderful family, who have been such a great help and a faithful source of encouragement over this past week and great friends who continue to amaze us with their willingness to bring meals (we are going to be eating GOOD for the next month!), pray, encourage, and help.

Here are some pictures from our little "photo shoot" this afternoon. I don't claim to be a great photographer, or have the fanciest of cameras, but I do think we have a beautiful little girl.

Enjoy a few of the many....yes, there were more. I can't help it!


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