Friday, September 12, 2008

Step by Step...

So, Caleb has been taking "baby steps" these past few weeks....3, 4, or 5 stable steps at a, he walked halfway across the den until he decided to sit down and crawl the rest of the way! That is the most I have seen him walk on his own thus far. I always try to catch these moments on video, but I am not fast enough, and Caleb's performances are not yet frequent enough....but, as soon as I can snap a photo, or shoot a quick video, I'll post it! He seems SO close to being an official walker....I know it could still be a while, but he is getting there! He has gotten very sturdy and will stand unassisted for long lengths at a time. And, he no longer falls after taking steps; rather, he steadily sits himself down, or gets into the crawling position. While he is able to walk on his own, he still prefers and chooses to crawl...I guess it is a faster mode of transport at this point.....I'll keep you posted!


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