Monday, September 15, 2008

A rainy Sunday afternoon....

Caleb was not at all interested in the game...and unfortunately, they lost this weekend. But, how cute does he look in his jersey?

Playing telephone...Kris was "talking" to Caleb on his cell phone and Caleb mimicked him with his pretend cute!

One of my favorite ways to spend Sunday afternoons throughout the Fall and Winter is at my parents' house in Roscoe. There is something about "going home" that is relaxing and comforting.

Yesterday, in all its rainy glory, was a perfect day to make the journey out to "almost Wisconsin". Plus, after spending the weekend trying to catch the mouse that got into our house, with no success, I was eager to spend the day somewhere else! (By the way, we did finally catch him....and he is gone...forever.)

My Dad built a fire, just for me, even though nobody else was convinced it was quite cool enough for that. We watched football. We relaxed. My Mom cooked for us and took care of us. She is good at that. I hope that I can take care of my family the way she has always taken care of us. We convinced Dad and Kris to play "Celebrity"....Dad and Warren won...again. I am learning to be a better loser. I didn't throw any baskets this time (Jon, if you are reading this...I am still so sorry about that one time...)

I am never sure what is "blog-worthy"...I apologize if reading about our Sunday afternoon is me, spending time with family is always so special and therefore, worthy of some online journaling....for those who are bored with my musings, I have at least included a couple photos of a very cute little boy...


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