Saturday, September 6, 2008

1 Year Photos

We took Caleb for his 1-year pictures this past week. We went to the photographer who took our wedding pictures, as well as Caleb's 6 month photos.

Although he was in a good mood, he had no desire to sit still for longer than a few seconds at a time...he was very interested in all of the fun things around him...the lights, the toys, the props. He kept crawling off and for some reason, doesn't yet understand the directions "please sit still and smile for the camera". =) Thankfully, she did manage to snap some great shots!

If you would like to look at the photos, you can go to the studio's website. It is a protected site, so you will have to login with an email address to see the photos.

The website is

The ID# for Caleb's pictures is 2816. (If you want to look at his 6 month photos while you are there, the ID# for those is 2743.)


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