Thursday, March 30, 2017

Phone Photo Dump 66

 Not a ton of pics this go around.  But I wanted to get these few on to the blog before a season of no blogging that begins this weekend!

Silly faces with my silly girl...

 Norah and a favorite friend, Alaina...

 Our last night at Epic happened to be Carnival night.  Fun one to end on!

 Fiddle Fest, back in early March...this was so much fun!  Caleb's somewhere in the sea of instrumentalists!

 Beth and Paula had this created for's absolutely perfect.  It reflects our friendships and our community...down to the 3 houses, the street sign, and the fox.  I will miss doing life with these wonderful friends.

 This is about how we all feel right now. This is an exciting season, but an exhausting one.

The next update will be from the dessert!  Until then...


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