Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It's Gettin' Real

 As much as I m trying to keep life "as normal as possible" around here, the reality is that life right now is not typical, and my efforts to keep it so are a bit in vain. Half of our house is packed up, and the other half is strewn about.  We have sold a lot of furniture and things we no longer need, in an effort to make our move as simple and clean as possible.The boys are sleeping on mattresses on the floor, and most of the kids' toys/games are packed up. Our meals consist of eating whatever we have in the pantry/fridge/freezer in an effort to consume it all before we go, without having much leftover. We've got suitcases half-packed for our trip to Texas in the upstairs hall, and other clothes in large garbage bags (cheaper than purchasing boxes for such things!).  I'm trying to "live in the present" while juggling all that needs to be done for the future move (new school paperwork, legal paperwork, researching churches, sports, etc, and so on.....). Life is just a bit of a mess.  I know it's a season, and will soon pass, but it's hard to live like this!


 Despite the craziness at home, we are making every effort possible to spend lots of time with friends before we go.  We are thankful that so many of our people are loving on us in so many ways, one of those ways being creating opportunities to say good-byes and spend time together before this big move.

Last week, my lovely Tuesday morning ladies and I went out to dinner.  I will miss these women and our mornings together immensely.

 Over the weekend, some neighborhood friends hosted a farewell party for us.  We hit the jackpot with our neighborhood and our street. If our new neighbors are half as awesome as these amazing people, I'll be forever grateful.

They put together the sweetest book for us, with lots of pictures and memories.


 And last night, Chasse Circle Moms' Night Out!

Lots more times with friends are coming up over the next couple of weeks.  God has faithfully provided amazing friendships for all of us over the past several years, and although it's so hard to say good-bye, I can't help but be full of joy as I think about all of these incredible people.


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