Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Super 6!

Yesterday was Shane's 6th Birthday!  I am not going to lie....a birthday this close to Christmas is tough....mainly for me!  But Shane is such a chill kid, and his tastes are pretty simple.

Unfortunately, Kris had to be in the city early yesterday morning, so the traditional breakfast with Dad didn't happen.  He offered to take him to breakfast today instead, but Shane declined!

So after opening presents yesterday, I took the kiddos out for donuts (Shane picked Bosa) and then we went to Target to spend the gift card that Grandma gave him.  Shane then decided that he just wanted to go home to play with new toys.

Later in the afternoon, we picked up his buddy and I took the kids to Epic Air and then Kris joined us all at McD's for dinner.  

We let him stay up late to work on new Legos sets, and he was as happy as could be.

 It was a relatively simple day, but our newly-minted 6 year old seemed to feel special and celebrated!  

Here are a few pictures....I didn't even get out the big camera, but managed to snap a few on my phone! 




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