Monday, November 7, 2016

The Shedd

 Discount day at the Shedd today!  It was a beautiful day to head downtown, and fun memories were made.  Norah's main concern today was that we found Nemo and Dory (thank goodness we did).  She was a bit afraid of some of the larger and more unfamiliar fish (the spider crab is definitely creepy-looking), but generally enjoyed our last-minute adventure!

 Phew!  We found Dory! (And her family)

 SHARKS!  "They have bad teeth!"

 More relief....we found Nemo, and his dad!

Making our fishy faces!
She picked out this cute turtle as a souvenir.  You can't tell, but it has a little pouch on top of its shell and there's a baby turtle inside.  She named them...wait for it....Dory (mom) and Nemo (baby).
 F is our letter of the week (OK, truth be told, it's been our "letter of the week" for the past few weeks.  Between the needs of Baby N and never-ending Book Fair prep, Mommy School has taken a backseat).  When we got home, we continued our fishy fun by reading this book, and N made her own Rainbow Fish.


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