Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Traditions

 Tradition: A Costco tree...a bit different from our former tradition of going to William's Tree Farm, but getting our tree from Costco has become our new tradition!

Tradition: Decorating the tree and each kiddo choosing a new ornament for that year...they love opening their personal ornament bins every year and looking through the ones they picked for prior Christmases!




 Tradition: Decking the Halls


Wreath I bought from a local Boy Scout...reminds me of my mom, who always bought Christmas wreaths from boy scouts!
I tried to get crafty with the branches we cut from the bottom of the tree.
 Tradition: Hot chocolate & The Very First Noel

New Tradition: Sleepover in the living room...Norah ended up requesting her bed. ;)

Tradition: St. Charles Electric Parade

Sleigh Ride!

 Shenanigans while waiting for the parade to start...

Jennie McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg...Grand Marshals!


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