Wednesday, September 7, 2016

1st day of Mommy Preschool

 Preschool this year is going to be pretty fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants and casual.  Life is busier than ever, especially with little baby N still in our care, and my church and school volunteer responsibilities have increased. I'm seeing the truth in what so many told me when I was in the throes of 4 children ages 5 and under.....that despite how busy life seemed back then, it's so much crazier the older they get.  Sports schedules, school projects, instruments, homework, church, and so on (and I didn't even mention the fact that our house still needs to be cleaned and our family still needs regular meals prepared for them!) is flying by at an insane pace and to be completely honest, I am extremely overwhelmed.  How did we get here?  I don't want to be the family (or the mom) that does too much.  But the reality is, we have 4 kids (5 at the moment), and this is what our life looks like right now. So this year, my last year with Norah home full time, will consist of some structured preschool stuff, but mostly as much intentional time with her as possible because I know it's just going to soar by, and soon enough she will be off to school with the rest.

Making towers of 7, today's Number of the Day.
We love pattern blocks!
Writing her name.
So proud.
 We read The Apple Pie Tree and made our own apple pie.


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