Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Phone Photo Dump 44

 I'm way backlogged on uploading/posting my phone pics.  Here are some of the latest (in super random order)...

Diligently taking notes during the Good Friday service..also, her grip is just like mine.


 Lunch with a Loved One at school.  My lunch with Meredith & her friends was so different than my lunch with Caleb & his friends.  Drastically.  One was filled with lots of chatting and giggling. The other with burping and food contests and jokes.  I'll let you guess which was which!

 Paint & Wine night! My artistic debut!

 We took a class recently called Spiritual Parenting. We were encouraged to put together a Family "Mission Statement". We got a ideas from the kids, who contributed amazing things, and ended up with this...

 Bed buddies in Arizona!

Our living/dining rooms recently went from this...

...to this.  I love the fresh gray walls.

Here we go again!


 Caleb went with some buddies to Dodgeball Night at the park district.  He ate way too much candy, drank way too much pop, and had a ton of fun. As soon as he got home (at 10:30!!!), he put together this poster with all of the photo booth pictures of him/his friends from the night.

My little worker.


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