Friday, June 19, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 24

 Taking a walk around the neighborhood....train-style.

I found this old window on a local resale site.  I love it! 

Pizza Party with M's soccer team! 

This little gal wants to play all the "Big Kid" games!  She does pretty well when we modify them a bit for her. ;)

 For a season, Meredith's game of choice was "the Matching game" (Memory).  But it's been a while since we played it, as her more recent faves have been UNO and Monopoly. 


As you can see, some things just don't change.  She can still beat me pretty badly. 

 Norah and her little friend P playing an intense game of Guess Who?!  Super cute.

Slip-n-Slide at a neighbor's!

 If anyone is looking for a gift to buy me...;)

 Meredith at her new friend's birthday party.  Sweet girls.

 The 4- and 2-year olds giving Monopoly, Jr. a try.  Shane tried his best to teach Norah, but it didn't last long!

Frog (Toad?)-Finders!


Norah and her new BFF. :)

The big kids have finally discovered the art of sleeping in.  Although this little girl though has not.  Either that, or she just makes sure to wake up early since Mommy and Daddy let her snuggle in their bed for a while.

Momma's old jersey!

 Caleb, Shane, and 2 friends....hitting some golf balls!

My baby Shane, she's pretty happy to snuggle any time.

Trying out a new-to-us restaurant - Frankys!

Sadly, over the weekend, Meredith's P.E. teacher was in a fatal car accident, leaving behind a wife and 2 small kids.  It's been a sad week for our community in that regards.  Last night, families at her school were invited to tie purple ribbons on posts and trees along Main St. that runs through downtown STC.  Kris worked late, but I took the kids.  It was a sad time yet a special way for Meredith to do something to remember him.  The kids know that every time they see a purple ribbon (they are everywhere downtown and in our neighborhood!), they should remember Mr. Sportsman and remember to pray for his family.

 Last night, Meredith had a dream that we were tying more ribbons, only this time, Mr. Sportsman was actually there with us.  So sweet.


 Puddle Jumpers!

 She was supposed to be sleeping...

Watching Free Willy...they loved it!


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