Monday, June 8, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 23

They invited a new game, which is a cross between Chess and Checkers.

Bookworms.  Mommy too!


 Last week, National Donut Day!


My dad built my sister and I matching vanities many many many years ago....I recently gave one an updated look and Meredith looooooves it!  


 School may be out, but this girly isn't missing a beat.

 Coloring outside with a friend!

Whatever it takes to keep the blankie as close as possible.

"Crazy Higher!"

Ha!  Caleb and a teammate zip-lining together.

 Caleb and I went to a local chocolate shop 2 weekends ago to see a Christian band.  It was cooooold!

 He got the game ball last Wednesday.  He caught a pop fly! 

Last week we went to our first Concert in the Park of the season.  The kids had a blast and they even made the park district's FB page. :)

 M and I went to get pedicures!


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