Thursday, March 19, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 14

 Some of the latest moments of our crazy-filled yet joy-filled lives!

Silly girl.  She loves to sit in there.

Observing a beautiful sign of Spring!
Sleepy girl.  On our way home from church!
One of my favorites ever.  This is why I am so thankful for super convenient camera phones.  I might not have captured this one otherwise.
Another sweet sister shot.

Mere, Shane and Norah enjoying the sun and new chalk with friend D.

Bike Ride!

Kris held down the fort all on his own last Friday-Saturday while I went with some friends to the annual Hearts and Home conference.  It was a great weekend...relaxing, refreshing, inspiring, and FUN! 
The kids loved these super GREEN St. Patty's Day muffins.  The recipe is here
Shane and V on St. Patty's Day!
Shamrock Shakes!
Sweet lil' Irish girl on St. Patrick's Day.
The boys' fave activity at the grocery store...weighing the veggies.
Sick Day.  Caleb and Meredith both stayed home from school today and while it's been a loooong day already, the kids have been playing so well together.  Thank You Lord.


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