Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Caleb: Last Day of 1st Grade

Here I go again....babbling on about how I can't believe yet another school year has passed.  But seriously, these days just zoom by!  As of 3 pm today, our biggest buddy is no longer a 1st grader.

This year has been special for Caleb.  He just loves school.  He loves to learn, loves being with friends, and he absolutely adores his teacher.  Over the past couple of weeks, Caleb has been emotional over the end of the year approaching.  While we are all eager for the change of pace that summer brings, he is absolutely going to miss 1st grade - and all that came with it.

After homeschooling him last year, and being such an integral part of his learning, I was a little bit nervous about how I would do this year, having to take a more "hands off" approach. =)  But thankfully, it was a good year for him and me.  I am so thankful for his teacher, who did a wonderful job teaching him, and an incredible job caring for him.  I am amazed at all he learned this year...he has grown and matured so much.  I couldn't be more proud of him.  He "makes my heart burst" (a phrase I often use with my kids to describe how much I love them).

This boy loves art and writing and reading.  He is really good at Math, but always prefers to get that homework done as quickly as possibly so he can play, read, draw or do Legos.  He is still a load of energy, and loves to be silly and make us laugh.  On most days, I included a joke on a napkin inside his lunch, and he loved to add to his repertoire of funnies.

Here he is on his first day of 1st grade in the Fall, and today on his last.

Caleb and his friend E then and now...

I wish C wasn't blurry in this one.  I snapped to quickly, before putting focus on him.  Boo!
I had the opportunity to help Caleb's teacher this morning with some end-of-the-year organizing and I snapped this picture of my boy and this lovely lady who is such a kind-hearted, caring, wise and committed teacher.   It's a bit of a strange thing to a stay-at-home-mom to leave your kids in the care of someone else for so many hours every day.  I don't think I can put into words how grateful I am to have known that he was in good care over these past several months.

I pray that all my children are just as blessed each year.

Definitely a bittersweet day.  But ultimately, this guy is excited about the summer, and stoked to be a 2nd grader.

Love you Captain, for all that you are and all that you do.
You're going to be an awesome 2nd grader!


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