Thursday, January 2, 2014

Phone Photo Dump 1

I try to use my camera to take most of our pictures. Although there are obviously times when it is much more convenient to use my phone! Unfortunately, though, I don't always get around to getting those pictures off of my phone.  I don't post a ton to social media (I'm not on Instagram *gasp*, and I only occasionally post to FB), so they end up just sitting there.  Anyway, here are some recent pictures I just got off of my phone, in no particular order...

Snowflake craft...

Caleb bought Shane and Meredith books from his school book fair.  They were so surprised (and excited!).  He picked out a Thomas book for Shane, and a Strawberry Shortcake book for Meredith.

 Our Girl.

 It's fun to see Norah learning to play with "big kid" toys.  She enjoys playing at the kitchen, and often finds a utensil and a bowl (or cup) and "mixes".

 Last weekend, we went to a local art studio for a family art class (FREE!)...unfortunately, the instructor had called in sick, so the class was cancelled.  So we passed the afternoon (or part of it anyway) with coffee and hot chocolate at The Arcedium.


Shane looooooves Nana, and I'm pretty sure she read him a gazillion books while she was here.

Rainbow Loom!!!!

 Norah loves to push this stroller around.  She has taken several independent steps (up to 7 or 8 at a time), but hasn't yet made the transition to full time walking.

 Speaking of transitions....we haven't yet managed to get Norah to drink out of a sippy.  One of these days I'll feel the need to push it a little more, but for now we are happy enough to let our littlest one enjoy her bottle.  In this picture you will also see her beloved blankie...she wouldn't be a Johnson baby if she didn't have a blankie!


Poor Shane....we've all taken turns being sick over the past couple of weeks.

Dance Class...

Boxcar Restaurant...a train restaurant in Geneva.

 After fighting their way through two games (Memory & Go Fish), they happily settled in to read together......for 10 glorious minutes, Caleb read and Meredith listened, and all was right in the world.

 On our way to the Christmas Eve service at church, we passed several deer (10+) in one of the yards in our neighborhood!  If we did the Santa thing, I would totally have made up some story about them being Santa's reindeer.

 Christmas Eve at church.

 Oh man.  Memory.  This game is played several times a day around here.  And Meredith can't be beat.  This is an example of what her pile and your pile will look like if you play against her.  She is seriously good.  I have not yet beat her (and I try!!) and several other adults have played against her...I can count on 1 hand how many times she has lost.

 Norah enjoying Big Sissy's ponies.

 Oh boy....there are several of these posters hanging the basement!  Poor 3rd Child.


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