Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Today, Caleb, Meredith and I joined some friends to see the movie Frozen.  It was a great show, and we all had a really fun time.  It was Meredith's 1st time to a movie theater, and while she got a bit antsy at times, she liked it.

Quick pic before heading out.
It was a perfect day to go see this movie, as we are amidst a winter wonderland ourselves...lots of snow outside, and it's still coming down.  Before we left for the movie, the kids played outside.  I made them take a quick picture break...

 After becoming somewhat frozen themselves, they came in and thawed out with some yummy hot chocolate & marshmallows.

 Norah Girl had her first marshmallow.  And her second and third and fourth.....I lost count.  She liked.


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