Saturday, April 13, 2013

Norah - 4 Months Old

Norah is 4 months old.  We had her check up yesterday, and despite the chunky size she started out at, she is now only in the 48th percentile for weight (14 pounds) but still quite long, in the 94th percentile for height (25 3/4 inches).  Maybe she will be tall & slender, like her Auntie Kir.

Norah spits up...a LOT.  As my dad just said, she's a "World Class Vommiter" (we are so proud).  And when she does spit up, it's no small amount....she goes through an unprecedented amount of burp cloths and clothing each day. If you see me, and I smell like baby spit-up, please love me anyway...even if you have to maintain some distance.  While I do not at all enjoy this, it's impossible to get upset at this sweet girl.  I mean, just look at this precious face...

Norah sleeps pretty well.  She goes to bed at night around 7:30, and sleeps all the way until 7:00-ish.  There have been a couple of times this past week when she has woken up for a 5:00 am (or so) feeding, but for the past 2 weeks, she has pretty consistently slept about 11 hours straight.  Thank you, Norah!!  She usually takes 3 naps during the day, though times/lengths of those naps often vary, depending on the day's schedule...thankfully, she does really well with "going with the flow"...she gets that from her Daddy, obviously.  

Norah has an amazing smile, and her giggles are adorable.  She is quite talkative, and while I look forward to the day when her words are understandable, I must admit that I love the gibberish that comes out at this point.  

She loves to grab on to things and bring them to her mouth.  She especially likes her Sophie the Giraffe toy that Grandma bought her for Christmas.  Unfortunately, Cubbie (Grandma's dog) also really likes Sophie, so we need to keep it hidden and out of his reach!)


Our doctors gave us the go-ahead to start solid foods with her, but we will wait another month or so, unless it seems that she needs it before then.

Norah has occasionally rolled from her belly to her back, but it is not something she does consistently yet.  She does wiggle around a lot when she's on the floor or in the bouncy seat (strapping her in is essential!), so I imagine that mobility in some form is on the horizon.  But, no rush on that one, please!


She loves to snuggle, and loves kisses.  And we sure do love to snuggle & kiss her!  The big kids are still so loving with her, and get excited when she does even the smallest of things, like grab on to a toy.

Happy 4 Months, Norah Jane!


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