Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

 For the previous handful of years (since we have been married), I have hosted Easter at our house.  Because we are all set to move (this week, ahh!), our house is currently not fit to host much of anything.  As of this past Saturday, the only furniture we have left in the house is our kitchen table and chairs (yes, that means that the kids are sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor - which they love, and we are sleeping on an air mattress - which I do not love).  No couches, no extra seating (unless you count moving boxes as such), and 99.9% of everything in my kitchen has been packed and stored for the 3 weeks of transition between this house and our new one.

Thankfully, my wonderful and gracious parents had us over, and my mom served such a fabulous meal (as always).  She had more treats for the kids, and hid eggs for them to hunt for.

Some things were just the same as always....we did the Resurrection Eggs with the kids this week, and listened to a lot of Shout Hosanna.  We did Eater baskets with the kids like usual, though I didn't manage to take one.single.picture of that (crazy, I know).  But, most importantly, we celebrated the greatest event in all of history - Christ's conquering over death.

I did manage to get a few pictures of the kiddos before church...

First Easter!
Don't mind their flushed faces/crusty noses.  All of the kiddos had colds....Meredith & Shane ended up getting diagnosed with double ear infections.  Poor babies.
Looking for eggs at Grandma/Grandpa's...


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