Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A-Little-Bit-O-Snow Day

 Anyone who lives in the Chicagoland area knows that the amount of snow so far this year has been less than desirable (for those of us with kids who really want to play in some snow!).  For those of you who hate snow, I suppose conditions have been quite desirable.

Anyway, it's snowing today.  Not much is actually sticking to the ground, but at least it's falling.  I personally hate being in the cold, but the kids have been needing some fresh air.  So, we bundled up and went out.  I spent most of the time in the garage, but the kids loved finally being able to play outside.

I love this one.  Meredith was just taking a stroll around the cul-de-sac.
They loved to just RUN up and down the driveway!

Meredith was determined to "slide" down the driveway.  She got a big running start, ran halfway down, and then fell to her knees...then down on to her belly in the hopes that she would slide on the slippery snow.  It sorta worked!

 Despite the small amount of snow, Caleb was determined to make a "sculpture".  In the end, he decided to fill up his bucket and bring the snow into the house to have an experiment to see how soon the snow would melt in the house's warmth.

 You don't need much snow to make a snow angel!

Who says bubbles are only for summer?  To Shane's disappointment, we are all out of bubble solution.

 Of course, hot cocoa is necessary after a cold play in the snow.

Sweet Norah enjoyed the warm & quiet house while we were outside.


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