Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Recent Christmas Fun

Our life is full.  Full doesn't always mean busy, but these past days, busy it's been!  Here are some fun Christmas-y highlights from the past handful of days...

  On Saturday, we went to Zoo Lights at Brookfield with some friends.

It was ridiculously crowded, and obviously cold, but overall we had fun.  Nana was an especially good sport, as this weather is an obvious change from that in sunny Florida!  The amount of lights they have there is pretty amazing, and it's extra special to see the polar bear in its natural conditions.  =)  I wish I would have taken more photos, but taking pictures with gloves on is a bit tricky, and taking gloves off in the cold is not at all fun!

Theresa took these next 2 pictures, and I love them.  Thanks, Theresa!

Watching the monkeys, with friend Abigail...

Going for a ride on the polar bear, Daddy's favorite!

Some pictures I snapped before church on Sunday...

I go our most recent craft idea from my friend Natalie.  I thought this would be the perfect craft to go along with this week in our Countdown to Christmas - we are reading about the wisemen following the star to find the stable where Jesus was born (Matthew 2:1-10).  Our stars didn't work out quite as well as Natalie's did, but the kids had fun making them.

Normally, when working with glue, I remind the kids that "a little dab'll do ya", meaning that they just need a little bit of glue as opposed to a huge glop.  With this project, I assured them that the more glue they used, the better. Glop away!

The stars were supposed to hold together without the background paper.  Some of our corners held together well, others did not.  So, I just cut them out, keeping the wax paper on.  It works.  They look pretty hanging on our banister, and the Christmas lights make them shine a bit!

Playgroup this week was at out house, and the kids made ornaments. 

Each kiddo started with one of these...

...and filled it with a bunch of this...

And, made this...
 (The left one is Caleb's, Meredith's is on the right.)

 We also had our Christmas gift exchange among all the are (most of) the kids before exchanging gifts!

And, I will leave you with a short Christmas concert for your listening pleasure. =)


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