Tuesday, December 20, 2011

His Little Strawberry

When Shane was born, he had a very small and pale mark on his belly.  Soon after birth, it became bright red and raised.  Our doctor confirmed that it was a "strawberry hemangioma" which is basically just a rough, raised, red spot caused by blood vessels at the top of the skin. Nothing to be concerned about, and we should expect for it to become less raised and less bright as the months passed.  We were told that it would probably disappear by the time his 1st birthday arrived.

Shane was 3 months old in this picture.  
I remember taking this for the sole purpose of having photographic documentation of his strawberry!

Daily I've noticed this mark.  For the past 12 months, I've watched it get redder and redder, only to eventually get lighter and lighter.  I've told Kris (on multiple occasions) that it makes me sad to see it getting smaller and lighter.  I've grown accustomed to noticing this striking red mark on his belly. During diaper changes, bath times, and moments that I've spent tickling and kissing his naked tummy.

As it's lightened over the past weeks, I've been reminded of how quickly the time is passing.  Yes, of course there are other signs that Shane is getting older.  As he grows out of clothes that once fit him loosely, or learns a new "trick", of course those things remind me of the passing of time as well.  But there is just something about that little red (or no-longer-so-red) spot that makes me long for the past, the time when Shane was this little...

Well, as we all know, time does continue on, whether we are ready or not.
And, it's official!  Today, Shane is ONE.  Just like his birth came a bit earlier than expected, so has this special day come very quickly.  While every year with little ones seems to fly by so fast, this past year - at least in my mind - has been the fastest yet.

Thankfully, I know there is a lot to look forward to.  While I do miss the days of itty-bitty Baby Shane, I am incredibly excited for all that's ahead.

And it's so wonderful to know that Shane is the same child that was born to me one year ago.

While he is changing rapidly, he is still just as sweet and cuddly and loved as the day he was born.  God has blessed us immensely with Shane David.

This morning, we gave Shane his birthday gift from Mom & Dad - his very own chair.

Today, our playgroup came over and we sang "Happy Birthday" to Shane after lunch.  
He thoroughly enjoyed his M&M cookie!

And, here is his official 12-month picture with sock monkey....

Yes, I miss the times when Shane was a newborn.  But I am definitely excited for the months ahead.

Ultimately, though, I am enjoying today with my sweet boy.  With or without the red strawberry.


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