Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wish I Was There....

Thanks to those of you who have been praying for our niece, Evangeline. She is at home, and doing so much better. Glory goes to the Lord for the amazing work that was done in her little body last week.

Here is a photo of her taken yesterday....she is healthy, beautiful, and absolutely precious. And, look at that smile!

I am a little (okay, a lot) bummed right now, as I had originally planned to be in Tucson this weekend. About a month ago, we booked a flight for me (and Meredith) and I was so excited about getting to meet my new niece, and almost equally excited to surprise Kir and Jon with my visit. And Kris was pretty excited about having some time with just Caleb while we were gone.

But, we decided, at the last minute, to cancel my flight......even though Evangeline was getting better, the potential risk of exposing Meredith to the flu outweighed my desire to go. So, here I am....still in IL, having to only look at photos of my beautiful niece instead of holding her and seeing her sweet face in person. Sigh...

But hopefully, I'll be able to head out there another weekend soon.....if not, they will be here for Thanksgiving. I hate to think about waiting that long to meet her, and for them to meet Meredith, but such is the life when miles separate you....

Most importantly, though......Evangeline is home and back to her "old self" (whatever that means for a child who is only 2 weeks old!).

Thank you, Lord.


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