Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Update (afternoon, 9/24):
They are going home....TODAY!
Keep praying that Evangeline continues to get stronger, that she keeps eating well, and that the Lord continues to heal her little body!

Praise God...I have NO doubt that He has amazing things planned for this little girl's life.

Update (morning, 9/24):

Evangeline has been doing better....praise God! Hopefully they will get to go home...soon!

Keep praying!

I am not sure who actually even reads this BLOG, but if you happened upon this posting today, please stop what you are doing and take a minute to pray....

My new niece, Evangeline, was born to my sister and brother-in-law just 11 days ago. She was born healthy and beautiful. Unfortunately, a high fever put her in the hospital this past Sunday and they have been there since. After many tests, they have ruled a lot of things out, yet haven't quite determined the cause of little Evangeline's sickness. As of this point, they are treating her as if she has H1N1.

Please pray.....that Evangeline's fever would go down, and that the Lord would heal her and take away the virus that is affecting her little body. We know that the Lord HEALS, PROTECTS and that He LOVES. In fact, His love for Evangeline is greater than we even understand....we have to trust that He is caring for her. Though we KNOW that, it does not make the sadness and frustration and fear disappear.

Please also pray for Kirsten and Jon (and my mom, who is there - in Arizona - visiting), that their bodies would resist this virus. Pray for comfort for them in this scary time.

So, whether you know this family or not, please pray to the Great Physician on her behalf.....He hears you.


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