Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The 4th 2016

 Fun and busy day!  Of course, we started with a posed picture on the front porch.

 Local parade...


 And of course, the traditional trolley ride.  We didn't realize it before getting there, but because the trolley museum is celebrating their 50th anniversary, they were offering rides for 1966 prices!  $.50 for adults, and $.25 for kids.  We all got to ride for $2.25!  Can't beat that!

Selfies on the train...proof that I was there! ;)


 Later in the day we went to a friend's house to swim and another friend's house for a great view of our city's fireworks. Unfortunately, my phone took a dip in the pool and is currently out of commission.  Thus, no photos from the rest of the day (I didn't have my camera with me either).


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