Friday, September 11, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 31

 A little after school cup/string "telephone" creating...

 Shooting hoops before school...

 I recently painted the girls' room...Caleb helped unscrew stuff from the walls!


 The girls enjoyed playing with all their stuff in our room while I painted theirs.

Finished!  When you visit, don't look too closely at my paint job! ;)

 Rice & Beans never get old.

I discovered some selfies on my phone one day...

Busy Bags!

 At Colonial for my birthday dinner!

 Basement is coming couch, super comfy!


 New shoes!

 We've got a super excited firstborn in the house.  Last week, we gave him his own room!  This means we will have to adjust a bit more when we have guests or SF kiddos, but we will figure it out!  Caleb has been asking for a long time to have his own room, and one day we just decided to do it.  I worked on it all day and when he came home from school he was just overjoyed.   He still thanks me all the time for it.  And he makes his bed EVERY morning!

 Ready for "school" too!

 This little buddy had to miss his 1st day of school due to sickness.  Sadly, he also had to miss day #3 because he was sick again.  Hoping next week is a better one!


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