Saturday, August 8, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 29

 Enjoying the cherries our friends brought back from Michigan!

He is still a train guy.


 This isn't a great picture, but it captured a cute moment.  Norah loves to wear these dress-up princess heels, and watching her come down the steps in our room with them on was just cute to me.

 Blurry, darn!  But she's just so cute.  Have I mentioned that I think she's cute?

 The kids had fun at this "drive-in movie" in our friend's parents' basement.

Lip gloss.  Not just for lips.

 Kiddos' art on one of our basement walls.

Movie afternoon!

 If you look closely, you can see the 1/2 moon.  Norah was sitting on my lap and exclaimed "somebody broke my moon!"

 Pancakes.  Pretty sure they could eat them every day, every meal.

 Caleb and Norah playing "catch" on the driveway.


 Norah and A having popsicles on Grandma/Grandpa's front porch.


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