Saturday, December 20, 2014

Shane is 4!

 Shane was so super excited for his birthday this year.  We had a countdown chain going, and he has been talking about it for weeks.  Yesterday morning, when I told him that there was just 1 more sleep until his special day, he asked if he could just go to bed right then so that when he woke up again it would be the 20th. :)

Birthday Boy!
Traditional Birthday Breakfast with Dad....he picked Colonial and had some yummy french toast.
These pictures crack me up...

Staying warm with this great scarf made just for him by Nana!
This afternoon, we went to one of Shane's favorite places - The Ball Factory.  We brought his 3 best buddies along....Shane was over the moon excited about this.

Such sweet boys!
 I took a ton of pictures, but here are just a handful of Shane from our time there...

The boys loved these ride-on tractors and had quite the logging operation going...

A break from play to have some yummy gelato.  Shane picked chocolate.

 After dinner donut...;)

 One of his friends gave him his very first LEGO set!  He and Daddy put it together this evening, and Shane was so happy and proud.  And we apparently neglected to clean his face after the donut. 

Shane has got to be one of the sweetest little boys I know.  He has always been such a cuddler, from the time he was a babe.  He is sensitive and loving and asks me to snuggle him at least 10 times a day.  He is definitely a "momma's boy" and as much as he loves his Daddy too, he prefers mom to be the one to tuck him in, help him with meals, etc.   He loves to take care of his little Sissy, and while she doesn't always receive his efforts with grace, he doesn't give up on loving on her!

He still loves trains and trucks and when he grows up, he wants to be a UPS man, or a garbage man.  

He loves to build with Legos and sword fight with Caleb (or anyone else who is up for the challenge).  He is doing great in preschool this year (Mommy preschool!) and loves to learn new things....he has recently become pretty good at writing the ABCs, and when he learns to write a new one, he gets so incredibly excited.  See?

Shane has such a great heart.  His teachers at church recently described him as having "a pastor's heart"...he loves God and prayed not long ago to ask Jesus to come into his heart to take all the yuckies away.  I love that he understands the Gospel in such a simple way....that he needs Jesus to take all his yuckies out!  While he can be just as crazy as the next kiddo at times, he has such a tender heart.  There is just something about this guy, I tell ya.

I'm looking forward to another special year with our Shane and despite the sadness that always comes with my babies growing up, I am so eager for whatever is next.  Happy #4 Shane!


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