Wednesday, September 17, 2014

AWANA 2014

AWANA started tonight!  This year, both Kris and I are serving (I'm still in Puggles and Kris is in Kinder) so it's a Johnson Family event every Wednesday night....even Norah gets to go this year.

So, here are our AWANA "clubbers" for the 2014-2015 school year.  Caleb is in his last year (sniff sniff) of Sparks, and he super pumped to start on Book 3.  Meredith is in her 1st year of Sparks after 2 years as a Cubby....she is super pumped to be a "big kid" like her big brother.  Shane is in his last year of Puggles (good thing because his shirt is getting pretty snug) and I am already lamenting the fact that I only have one more year to call him my "Snuggle Puggle" or our "Puggle Monster". And sweet Norah girl gets to be loved on by some amazing and caring nursery teachers every Wednesday night.

These pictures make me chuckle.


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