Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Belle

 Today, my little princess and I had the opportunity to attend "Stories with Belle", a sweet event put on by the theater department from one of the local Christian schools.  It was a surprise to Meredith and she was so excited.  We own a lot of dress up dresses, though Belle's yellow gown is not one that we have.  We borrowed this dress and crown from a dear friend.  While Meredith didn't have to dress up like Belle, I thought it would make her experience that much more fun!  Needless to say, this beautiful dress and matching tiara didn't disappoint.


When we first got there, Meredith was a little thrown off.  She has never actually seen Beauty and the Beast, so she has never known Belle to wear anything but the big poofy yellow gown.  The Belle today was in her "everyday dress", so while she looked lovely, Meredith was a bit confused and honestly, a bit disappointed! (Apparently, they want the yellow gown to be a bit of a surprise to people who attend their upcoming performance of Beauty and the Beast).   Meredith didn't even want her picture taken with Belle at first. As our time went on though, she perked up, had a lot of fun and after we got home, told us that her favorite part was "giving Belle hugs."  So, Belle-in-her-townsperson-clothes grew on her after all. =)

Waiting in line for a hug.  Unfortunately, when she actually hugged her, there were people in the way and I didn't get a good picture.
 We went with our good friends (they even gave us a ride, since Kris needed the van and I can't drive his car because it's a stick shift....I need to learn!) and Meredith loved spending time with these sweet girlies.

Another special surprise...Meredith got to see another little friend, who is also named Meredith.  My Meredith thinks it's just the coolest thing that they share a name.

 She was a little shy with playing at first, but eventually let loose a bit and had a fun time.  It's fun to watch Meredith play.  While she loves to be girly and dress up, she is a bit of a tomboy.  While she did do some twirling and spinning, she also spent a lot of time just running (fast) and climbing/crawling through stacks of chairs.


On Belle's bench..

 Belle read them a story...about her friend Cinderella. ;)


 So fun spending some one-on-one time with this silly princess.


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