Friday, October 4, 2013

Fun Run

 The PTO at caleb's school hosts a Fun Run every year.  The kids get friends/family to sponsor their running efforts and the money goes to the school.  (Thank you to those of you who supported Caleb/his school.)  It was really fun to go watch this today...the kids ran/walked laps for the designated duration of time (I think it was about 20-ish minutes), and they all did really great!

My everyday camera lens (that has a decent zoom) is not working properly (due to an unfortunate accident in the parking lot several weeks ago), so I had to use a different lens (one that is great for close-ups but has no zoom) this morning.  I am actually sending that lens away this week to get "evaluated" and hopefully repaired, so I will be without it for a period of time. =(  Anyway, here are the pics I did manage to get.

Warming up...

 And they're off!

Here comes Caleb!


 Running is serious business...

 Okay okay, I guess it's fun after all!

 Shaner joined the big kids for a few laps.  Caleb really wanted to hold his hand and run together, but Shane was determined to do this all by himself.  I'm not sure why all our kids are so stubborn.....;)


 Whew, that was hard work!


 Ice pops all around.

Caleb and his friend E.


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